5 Barriers Stopping Serendipitous Innovation

While you cannot plan serendipity in the strictest sense, you can at least remove all the barriers that contribute to stopping it. Patrick C. Walsh identifies these barriers in a post at his blog.

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

First, there are information silos, where no one has an end-to-end understanding of the data available. Next, there are people silos, which do not afford opportunities for people across departments to interact. Then there are the three “lacks.” There is lack of opportunity for creative thinking. There is lack of “innovation spaces” like shared break rooms. And lastly, there is lack of “innovation representatives” in meetings, people who are experts in one discipline that are invited to listen in on meetings that fall under a separate discipline. When you make conscious efforts to remove these five barriers, the channels for serendipity will open, and then maybe you can get some accidental innovation going. You can read Walsh’s blog post here:

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