10 Ways to Reduce Interruptions & Stay Focused at Work

A study suggests that the number of interruptions an employee receives during work relates more closely to total work accomplished than employee knowledge, salary, or time investment. Scott Matteson writes for TechRepublic on how to reduce those crippling interruptions.

Become a Workhorse

Use an official ticketing/request system. Know your schedule and make smart use of empty spots. Structure your day around the busy periods, and overestimate how much time you need for things to be safe. Be firm but friendly with people trying to pull you away, and reference what it is to them that you are currently working on. Keep up the communication at any rate. Relocate to some place quieter when possible. Try to train someone else in your expertise to whom you can defer people who want your help. And lastly, get manager buy-in to support your plans. You can read Matteson’s full article here:

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