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10 Great Leadership Skills of Project Management

The big ten in leadership skills

Want to check your own skills against those that make a great leader in project management? Felix Marsh has the list, and it expands over personal, interpersonal, and technical abilities. The list includes:

  1. Excellent communication
  2. Sharing vision
  3. Positive attitude
  4. Integrity
  5. Competence
  6. Calm disposition
  7. Problem solver
  8. Team builder
  9. Excellent delegator
  10. Decision maker

Stay cool, inspire confidence

Some parts of that list are pretty obvious (decision maker and competence strike me as “no duh” items to include on a list of leadership skills), but others are more thought provoking. For instance, consider the skill of having a calm disposition:

Regardless of how well a project is planned there will always be obstacles of some sort to overcome along the way. A good Project Manager will never panic or lose their head when things go wrong; instead they will remain calm, assess the problem and find the best way to resolve it, in order to put the project back on the right track. If things become too stressful at any point, any flapping or excessive sweating should be done in private!

This is a quality that is often overlooked or, perhaps even worse, accepted in opposite (we all know at least one leader who loses his or her head as soon as something goes wrong). By keeping a cool demeanor, a project manager is able to not only actively work through a problem with a level head, but also show employees that the situation isn’t as dire as it may seem, and that they, too, can calm down.

Read the full list of explanations on the blog post:

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