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10 Basics of Project Management

Top Ten Project Management Tips

Is it possible to distill the essence of project management in just 10 tips? Maybe not, but that doesn’t stop Olga Sa from trying in this post found on PM Hut. Sa’s list covers the gamut—from technical skill to inter-personal relations, the post lists ten tips and why they’re important (and how to use them yourself). The list includes:

1.      Remembering constraints

2.      Know the details

3.      Be nice, but firm

4.      Document requirements

5.      Organize the file repository

6.      Communicate often and correctly

7.      Trust, but double check

8.      Update financial forecasts weekly

9.      Feedback frequency controls stability

10.    Share your experience with others

Be Good Bad Cop

The most interesting (and, depending on your personality, most challenging) is the third suggestion. Being firm with employees can often make you feel like the “bad guy”, but in truth it’s an important part of operating the project. As Sa explains:

This is a personality thing. I am a nice quiet person when it comes to my personal life. However, this is business. If the situation demands it, you must decline family vacation and ask the team to work overtime. Be nice about it, buy the team working overtime dinner, but be firm, they are not doing it for you personally. If there is a performance issue and you have spoken to the team member about it more than once but don’t see any improvement – escalate. Again, this is not about you pointing fingers, it is about running a successful project.

This ties into the sixth point: communicating often and right away. Making communication the standard in a project not only assures that people are more likely to tell you when things are going wrong, but also that those messages aren’t seen as “finger pointing” and are much more about getting back on track.

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