What is an AGILE Business Analyst?

What’s New with an Agile Business Analyst?

The short answer is a business analyst who works in an agile software development environment. But it’s clear to see that an agile business analyst is much more than just that. This article by Steve Blais explains how being an agile business analyst has little to do with framework and much more to do with mindset, and how there has been a push to remove the business analyst role in agile teams altogether.

First, let’s examine why a business analyst in an agile environment is in fact very necessary. As Blais explains:

The AGILE BA’s goal is to add value to the organization by solving business problems. While the developers are focusing on producing new pieces of working software every two weeks, the AGILE BA has a focus on the overall problem that will be solved when the entire project is completed. The AGILE BA is also the weathervane indicating when a project has outlived its usefulness and is becoming a zombie project. The AGILE BA, always having the goal or the solution in front of her, is able to determine whether the project is still on track, the problem can be solved, or the problem has already been solved. This goal orientation is the result of the AGILE BA’s system thinking capabilities and the business analyst’s ability to see the big picture in addition to the detailed tasks necessary to complete the next Sprint.

Adaptability is Key

Agile BAs are also adaptable. Adaptable in this case means being able to bounce from one process to another (as needed) and not focusing on any particular framework. Agile BAs are also goal oriented rather than process oriented, and perhaps strive for innovation more than their traditional role.

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