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Top 5 Legal Issues Facing App Developers

Avoid the Quicksand

Developing apps might be the new rage, but it’s not without a quagmire of legal requirements and dangers. This article on App Empire shares the top 5 legal issues that app developers need to deal with, including:

  1. Entity formation
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Intellectual property ownership
  4. Intellectual property protection
  5. Terms of use and privacy


Confidentiality is in the Limelight

Confidentiality, in particular, is a tricky legal issue. As the article explains:

The most common way of ensuring confidentiality is to use an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) when dealing with any outside parties that are likely to become aware of your confidential information. In app development, this usually comes up with outsourcing.

Before you begin negotiations with other developers, designers, copywriters, etc. that you are considering working with, ask them to sign an NDA and agree that they won’t disclose any sensitive info about the project. Although an NDA can’t actually prevent someone from stealing or sharing your idea, it serves as evidence that you took steps to protect your confidential information, and it will make the other person think twice before they do anything.

Intellectual Property Must be Secure

Protecting the intellectual property of your company is also a huge legal issue. You can help protect your IP through trademarks, copyrights, and patents. By putting these in place early, you’re assuring that competitors are not able to swoop in and steal your idea before you’re able to get the app to market.

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