To Connect, CIOs Need To Unplug

CIO Needs to be a Chief Officer First

The CIO needs to be a Chief Officer before they are a Chief Information Officer, according to Joanna Young in this post found on the University of New Hampshire’s Information Technology website. Young believes CIOs must know the business inside and out in order to be effective, and a CIO simply can’t do that by staying in their office or only knowing about the IT side of things:

Know the business. Deep understanding of the business(es) of your organization is a must. It’s more important for me to understand how UNH runs than it is to know the details of fiber channel backups. I’ve got an skilled technology team, for me to know everything they know would be a) impossible and b) redundant.

Get out of your box. Have conversations with business leaders and key personnel (like a top product manager or sales person) that aren’t part of your slate of regularly scheduled meetings.  They’ll appreciate your time, and you’ll learn a ton.

Do Small Favors for Big Gains

Also don’t forget to be generous. IT often gets a bad reputation for always charging and always being rude—but you don’t need to continue that stereotype. Young suggests doing small favors for free and counting them as “loss leaders” simply to build trust and camaraderie between yourself and the rest of the business. In the long run you’ll be involved in more areas of the business and increase the standing of IT in the company.

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