Supply Chain Threats Still an Uncertain Danger

One thing is certain. As the NSA scandal and the Target hack indicate—supply chain threats are real. Robert Lemos writes an article for Dark Reading about why combating these threats is not as simple as it should be.

When is a Product Foreign?

As Lemos says, “The NSA's intelligence toolbox includes firmware backdoors that can be remotely installed on Huawei and Juniper routers, but many other so-called ‘implants’ require the hardware to be intercepted during shipment and compromised.” Developing your own company tools and policies when dealing with government agencies can only get you so far in an age where almost everything we make sources overseas. Oversight and security measures clearly vary between nations. But on the flipside, there are now overseas partners who want reassurance from American supply chains that they can protect their information from US surveillance. For information on how you can truly secure your data, read the original article: http://www.darkreading.com/advanced-threats/supply-chain-threats-still-an-uncertain/240166399

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