New Data Initiatives Lead to Evolution of Role for CIOs

Big Data Means Big Opportunity

Big data (and the analysis that must accompany it) has helped propel the role of the CIO into the spotlight. No longer able to stay in the “back-office” of a business, the CIO actively participates in the C-suite. These are the findings discussed by Alec Foege in this article, wherein many C level executives and directors discuss how new data initiatives demand the attention and insight of the CIO.

But why is big data pushing the CIO forward? Foege shares this insight:

“What’s happening now, from a deeper strategy standpoint, is that organizations and individuals are moving toward a data-driven paradigm,” said Shawn Banerji, managing director at Russell Reynolds Associates, a senior executive search firm in New York. “The reliance on data is increasing, and that data is married to predictive analytics and, historically, the CIO is responsible for those assets.”

A New Partnership

Furthermore, marketing and IT are beginning to merge, leaving the CMO scratching their heads and the CIO in the great position of answering the questions marketing is sure to have. The CIO, as explained in the article, can help create “actionable strategies for better identifying and satisfying the needs of their customers.”

This isn’t to say that some companies don’t want to keep their CIOs in the back rooms. Truly, there are some CIOs who want to help the business as more and more companies turn to big data, but are simply not in the position to make that jump. However, an inability to evolve into this new role may mean the CIO is pushed back to a lesser role (while other executives attempt to manage the initiatives and efforts on their own).

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