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Is Your Team Aligned?

If Your Team Doesn’t Know, It’s Your Fault

Have a meeting with your team and ask them if they are familiar with the business’s organizational priorities. If your employees are giving the wrong answers, have no clue, or have different opinions, it is time to get your employees all on the same page by aligning the team with business goals. It’s like having members of a rowing crew row in different directions and paces; it’s not helping the team make progress towards success. In this article, Gaurav Gupta writes that:

All activities performed by individuals in a perfectly aligned organization help move the business closer to its strategic vision. By ensuring that teams at various levels in the organization are aligned on their goals, we can move the business towards a culture of “working towards objectives.” This alignment amongst the teams will help drive actions that are necessary in the medium term to deliver the required results.

Create the Understanding

Your team consists of individuals with different strengths, priorities, and different agendas, but establish a clear understanding of the problem, what needs to be done, and the definition of a successful outcome. Also make sure that everyone has a clear sense of the roles and responsibilities. Create an environment in where a strong commitment, not just compliance, to excellence exists. Take these tips and put them to action to start building a well-aligned organization.

To read the full article, and learn more about executing a team alignment measuring exercise, click here:

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