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Intelligent Disobedience: The Difference Between Good and Great

Balancing Role and Knowledge

A good project manager doesn’t have it easy. Whereas some project managers just go with popular opinion or directives from executives, a good project manager sometimes needs to bite the hand that feeds, or more appropriately, stand up to senior management.

This sounds like disobedience, and that’s because it is—but not in the negative way. As Robert McGannon,PMP, explains, intelligent disobedience might be just the thing your organization needs to promote in order to bring out the best in project managers.

But what exactly is intelligent disobedience? According to the article:

For PMs, intelligent disobedience is knowing when and how to depart from the norm in opinions, cultural standards and processes. Intelligent disobedience means understanding the politics of an organisation and maneuvering around the land mines that can diminish the project and its value to the organisation. Intelligent disobedience means having strong beliefs in the project objectives and the sponsoring organisation. It means taking the leadership responsibilities of a PM very seriously. It means having courage and fortitude and being determined to do right for your team, yourself and the organisation. Intelligent disobedience is tough. It also is vital to ensuring the alignment of projects with organisational objectives, especially in today's business climate.

Work Outside the System

Using intelligent disobedience allows people to explore how to optimize outside of the company’s “cultural rules.” While it’s important to have standard processes in any business, it’s just as important to encourage people—the right sort of project managers—to fight against the norms of the organization and move forward with a potentially beneficial disobedience.

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