How To Make The CIO The Most Popular Kid In The Building

The CIO and CMO are in it Together

The CIO must become a stronger, more present force in the executive suite, and there is probably no better way to make this happen than supporting a strong relationship between the CIO and CMO. Howard Baldwin explains a few ways to make this happen in his article from

Baldwin explains how the CMO-CIO relationship has been under the spotlight for some time now, and shares insight and advice from all over. One great piece of insight comes from McGraw-Hill Construction CIO Isaac Sacolick who stated how marketing works week by week, whereas IT works release to release. With these different frames of time, it’s hard for both groups to understand each other’s priorities or needs. It doesn’t have to be so, however, if the CIO and CMO work together towards understanding and mutual benefit.

Marketing and IT Need Relationship Skills

This means relationship building, and this shouldn’t be too hard of a sell for either party involved. The CMO depends on the CIO for data and the technology needed, while the CIO depends on the CMO for insight into what the company needs and a continuous flow of strategic, initiative driven work. As cited in the article:

Michael Hugos, principal with the Center for Systems Innovation, supports relationship-building as well. “If you are a CIO who wants to ensure your place in the organization, a good place to start is with the CMO. That is because the CMO is most likely the C-suite executive under the most pressure to do something and show results. And there is nothing like an urgent need to get things done to make a person interested in new friends.”

But what if the CIO and the CMO can’t see the value of aligning their organizations? Well, according to an article on TechRepublic, the CEO should step in and push the issue. The danger of not having collaboration between the two can be devastating to a company.

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