How Project Management is Key in Asia-Pacific

In this article, Asia Pacific Federation of Project Management President Dr. Bill Young, in an interview with Reinhard Wagner, discusses what role Project Management plays in the development of the Asia-Pacific region and how huge and integral it is. Dr. Young then explains that only through projects can funds be converted to substantial results.

He says how projects and project management are undertaken is critically important to the delivery of capital effectiveness and is a key contributor to the economic success of the region which geographic boundaries stretch from India in the west, to Russia in the north, to the Pacific Rim countries of the America’s in the east.

Young goes on to add that with its boundless geographic reach and ability to transcend all professions nowadays Project Managements breadth and depth of impact is somewhat unknowable. However, there is no doubt though that it is a profession where if it is able to deliver on its promised benefits it will change our global society.

Globalization, together with the integration of markets, has brought about swift changes which continuously increase particularly in the Asia-Pacific. When asked about its state, Dr. Young stated that these developments have created a huge growth in business opportunities which has equally reflected in the demand for projects and strong project management competency. This changed business landscape has heightened competition and tied with this the expectation and requirement of corporations, governments, and society broadly for more successful project and business outcomes.

Read the Original Article: http://gpm-blog.de/project-management-in-the-asia-pacific-region-–-an-interview-with-dr-bill-young/

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