Fair Trace Tool Makes Supply Chain Transparency Fashionable

“Transparency” is one of those terms that is so important to doing good business, and yet the word gets thrown around so often that we start to roll our eyes when we hear it. But Matt Reynolds and his company INDIGENOUS are trying to get people excited about transparency again by creating a fashionable new tool for clothes.

Trend Setter

The Fair Trace Tool is a QR code on hang-tags that “offers transparency throughout the garment’s supply chain, including a glimpse of the artisans who actually made it and insight into the product’s social impact. The content is delivered in text, video and animated map format.” Reynolds’ company is offering to share the proprietary tool in order to promote industry collaboration and potentially improve the lives of the people who work in the factories producing these clothes. This is hopefully the first of many efforts on the part of businesses to increase transparency in a way that engages the consumers on a digestible level. You can read more here: http://www.triplepundit.com/2014/03/supply-chain-transparency-collaboration-becomes-fashionable-fair-trace-tool/

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