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Don’t Get Along With Your Boss? This May be Why

You know it is important to be considerate of other people’s viewpoints, but what you may not realize is that some people have a completely different mode of thinking than you. Kimberly Weisul writes for CBS MoneyWatch about the four types of thinkers, and how the conflict between you and your boss might stem from this difference of thought.

Four Schools of Thought

Deductive thinkers ask “why” and are always looking for internal logic behind orders. Inductive thinkers ask “how” and fixate on the right methodology for exacting orders. Linear thinkers focus on one step at a time, following instructions to the letter and plowing ahead. Systemic thinkers look at the big picture and not so much about the little things that encompass it. If you are deductive and the boss is inductive, or if you are linear and the boss is systemic, problems are bound to occur. But once you acknowledge your differences, you can start working toward bridging the gap. You can read the original article here:

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