Develop the Right Presence!

Today’s business scene deals more in marketing pitch rather than solely on practical know-how in days of old. One definitely needs that right, commanding presence to grab attention and interest when making that pitch regarding ideas, products and services. Guthrie-Jensen Consultants from the Philippines provides steps to develop that presence to get people’s respect, preference, and make you stand out from the rest.

  • Presence: More than Power Dressing and Good Grooming
  • Communicating Clearly
  • Show Empathy
  • Practice Emotional Intelligence
  • Authenticity: Be Genuine

When discussing empathy in particular, the article explains how just sounding the part isn't enough: you must actually feel the connection to the people you're speaking to: 

To influence people, communicating clearly must also be elevated to the level of empathy. One must be able to show a real interest in the welfare of others, and even putting one’s self in his neighbors’ shoes. By relating to the feelings and experience of others, and by flexing to consider the challenges of other people, professionals are able to accomplish more through and with other people. Of course, one will need to find the right balance between producing results the business unit needs and caring for the welfare of people.

Without this care, any message you provide will not go nearly as far as it should. Consider this in your own teams: how well are you able to communicate strategic objectives in such a way that your employees care about your mission? How often do you engage them and determine what their concerns are: both in the project and in their employment as a whole? Having this insight (and the trust that goes along with it) strengthens teams and helps build the likelihood of success. 

Read the Original Article: http://guthriejensen.com/blog/how-to-increase-presence-and-influence/#.UpbdGMQwod0

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