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CIOs Must Become Technology Consultants

Technology goes Beyond IT

Technology is no longer the exclusive domain of IT within a company. As the use of tech expands to cover every element of the business, so too does the risk (and opportunity) of having so much more technology throughout an organization. The CIO, rather than seeing this as a potential way of losing power, simply must understand that their role has changed. The CIO must now become a technology consultant for executives and the business as a whole, and Tom Kaneshige has a few tips to help you make that happen.

Digital disruption is a very real situation for CMOs, CFOs, and human resource officers (CHRO). The CIO is the one person in the organization with limiting disruption and optimizing the use of technology throughout the company:

Times, though, have changed dramatically in the last few years. New and exciting technology in social media, mobile and cloud have empowered business leaders to seize control and benefit from technology directly. Today's business leader seeks to adopt immature, consumer technology that the CIO used to shun.

It's now contingent upon the new CIO to make the technology sales pitches, not receive them. The new CIO must show how IT services can help business leaders become better within their particular operations, as well as how a cross-departmental, holistic approach raises the tide and lifts all boats. The new CIO must advise and assist on technology adoption, not give orders and mandates.

CMOs and CIOs are now partners

The CMO is likewise finding out that being tech savvy is a key part of the job, and the CIO is in a perfect position to help them not only gain this proficiency but also excel at the opportunity it provides. The CMO/CIO relationship will surely continue to grow in the future, though the CIO is the person in the limelight as far as navigating the new relationship to the best possible outcome.

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