Changing of the guard: The CIO’s role

The role of Chief Information Officer has changed just as how IT’s position changed from just being at the back of the office making sure that the systems were up and running to being unique as the go-to place that manages data and helps companies make life-changing decisions and seeing end-to-end from sales, marketing, finance, supply chain. Marge C. Enriquez’s article shows us how the CIO needs to be a change agent in the company now.

Originally, the CIO position was created to manage the processes in supporting the information flow in the organization. Now, with his eye on the future, the CIO can help in formulating strategic objectives for the company, add value by using technology to understand the business and applying it.

Here in the Philippines, the CIO’s role needs to be more critical in a sense of understanding the clients more, especially in responding and, therefore, meeting their business needs.

Read the Original Article: http://technology.inquirer.net/25987/redefining-the-it-firms-cio-as-change-agent

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