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Availability, Incident and Problem Management – The New Holy Trinity?

Three Tools To Keep Customers Happy

Availability, Incident, and Problem management are the three tools IT can use to make sure customers are happy and uninterrupted. But it takes all three in order to achieve this, and according to Vawns Guest, you can think of the three as various characters. For instance, incident management is a superhero, problem management is a detective, and Availability management is a scientist.

But to take a step back: why should IT really be more interested than it has been in the past with keeping customers as happy as possible? To put it simply, exposure and impact:

Today, IT service issues are constantly in the news. With the advent of social media, news of service downtime can be spread globally in minutes – kind of embarrassing especially if you are a highly visible entity such as a bank or government department. Putting aside the embarrassment factor for a minute, what about financial implications such as fines, service credits? Or regulatory impact such as failing to comply with any standards mandated by your management. Let’s not forget the angry mob waiting outside to make their dissatisfaction known if downtime is an own goal such as a poorly managed change.

Keep Up To Date, Stay Organized

The post then discusses the each of the three, listing what information can be captured by incident, problem, and availability management. The post also explains what roles and responsibilities need to be in placed to keep the effort organized and efficient, as well as how organizations must “keep up to date” on incidents to stop them from spiraling out of control.

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