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A Geek’s Guide to IT Management

IT Management is More Than Knowing IT

There’s a lot more to IT management than just knowing about code and whether a project is on track. As John Palinkas shares in this reflective post, he knew the tech, but didn’t know the ropes of working in the IT field nearly as well as he needed. Through a series of advancements and new directions, Palinkas found himself involved in strategic planning.

In particular, Palinkas recalls a particular situation wherein he gained a valuable insight into what makes a team grow stronger:

It was during the course of this ITIL assessment that Charlie and I discovered the secret that had eluded both of us for years. The client company was different than most organizations we had seen. The company had a very collaborative culture and truly valued its people as individuals, not as just another resource. Unfortunately, this culture was getting in the company’s way and preventing it from being as responsive and nimble as required in the modern age. In working with the company, we were able to help it achieve results in six months that it had not been able to achieve in over two years.

Here’s the Secret

The secret was the people themselves: they wanted to fix what was wrong and make things better, and by depending on their desire to work (while removing some of the constraints that stopped them from doing so effectively), management was able to enable that improvement.

Read the full post here: http://www.itsmwatch.com/itil/a-geeks-guide-to-it-management.html

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