7 Signs You’re Spending Too Much Time in the Office

Steve Purdy invokes some good British wit to write about seven signs that you need to get out of the office. For instance, if you dial for an outside line when you are at home, that probably is a bad sign. If you are wide awake Saturday morning because your brain is only trained to go to work, that too is bad. If you are putting on weight, or if you are becoming “a funny shape” due to aches and pains, Purdy recommends going to the gym for half an hour instead of heading to the office early. If you know the intimate life details of everyone working the night shift, and the roads are utterly empty on the way home, these are good signs you are staying too late. Lastly, if your energy level equates directly with your last caffeinated drink, that might be the biggest clue of all that you have become a human train wreck. For insights and a bunch of zingers, read Purdy’s original article:

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