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5 Things To Consider When Reshoring

Outsourcing Isn’t The First Thought Anymore

The tide has shifted on outsourcing. In the past it was seen as an effective way to drive down costs for consumers while keeping stateside employees low—but that isn’t as important to the American public nor business owner anymore. As this blog post by Don Page explains, unemployment, economic downturn and poor public relations on the part of outsourced operations are making more and more businesses consider reshoring. Furthermore, there’s plenty of support in the states to do so:

Made in America is making a comeback not as just an empty slogan but as both a positive jobs market message and as a result of higher quality American goods. A recent poll indicated that over 80% of Americans are willing to pay more for U.S.-made products. Why? 93% of the people say it’s because they want to keep jobs in the USA. Other surveys indicate that for similar products U.S.-made vs. China, the average American is willing to pay up to 60% more for U.S.-made wooden baby toys, 30% more for U.S.-made mobile phones and 19% more for U.S.-made gas ranges. Taping into the wave of positive public sentiment for US jobs and the goods they produce plus the large employment pool is an essential consideration in your reshoring strategy.

Support For Reshoring

Also consider this: the U.S. Government has many programs which help those who decide to move business back into the states, and local governments have their own tax breaks and incentives as well. Any reshoring effort should take into account these incentives to further help in the decision.

Whether it’s moving manufacturing jobs back to the states or simply finding a local vendor instead of an international one, reshoring is beginning to look more and more appealing to businesses all over the United States.

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