4 Ways to High-Performing Supply Chain

Todd Ebert, president and CEO of Amerinet, writes an article for Healthcare IT News about maximizing supply chain potential. He says that since supply chain represents roughly 25 percent of a healthcare facility operating budget, it is imperative to develop the best supply chain you can. He breaks it down into four paths:

Four Superchargers

  1. Obtain senior management commitment
  2. Build a representative project team
  3. Data is the foundation
  4. Track and measure results

When you get senior leadership on board, you show everyone else how much a project means. Ebert says that even if it is a project originating in materials, the materials manager should still try to get an executive on board. As you build the actual team, try to incorporate people from both sides of the fence, taking representatives from the physicians and nurses and from the materials managers and CFO.  Physicians are quick to note that money is not their major motivator; rather, getting their job done well is the motivator. As for how and why data is the foundation, remember this:

Armed with data and actionable information, effective supply chain leaders can create a marked impact on the overall efficiency of their supply chain operations. This can encompass every supply chain function, including the basics such as contracting and price integrity, inventory control and distribution efficiency that will ensure clinicians receive high quality and cost effective product availability and delivery. Even more significant to the overall success of the supply chain is the effective management of clinical preference items, with their significant cost and impact to the quality of services delivered to the patient.

Then all that is left is to track and measure what happens. Figuring out what works and how well it works are vital toward deciding how to tweak the approach on the next go around. You can read the original article here: http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/4-ways-high-performing-supply-chain

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