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3 Ways Anyone Can Boost Team Performance

There are better ways to energize your team than to bring in another round of coffee. Susan Mazza writes about three ways to boost team performance for the long term. It has to do with alignment, engagement, and accountability.

Leading the Way, as Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Align: Do the personal work necessary to get behind the vision, direction, and decisions rather than just going along with the pack.
  2. Engage: Connect your personal purpose and values with the purpose, vision, and values of the organization in which you work.
  3. Be accountable: Honor your commitments.

The way Mazza describes it, it sounds like a big part of alignment is courage. When decisions are being made that sound like a bad idea, or when lots of “meetings after the meeting” are held to discuss problems that are not being addressed, Mazza says you should step up and be the one to voice these relevant concerns. She recommends finding a mentor if you need help designing a conversation, but the important thing is to be vocal.

Engagement has more to do with investing yourself in the company and its people. Try getting to know bosses on a slightly more personal level so you can see where their perspective is coming from. You owe it to yourself and each other to make at least a basic effort. This segues into accountability. You should remember that it is always up to you to set the example that you want to see, so be early to meetings and be upfront when you know you are not going to be able to deliver something on time. People respect honesty, even when it is not the bearer of good news. You can read Mazza’s full article here:

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