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3 Ways Affordable Care Act Can Empower Health IT

What Can IT Do With The Affordable Care Act

There are plenty of divergent views on the Affordable Care Act, but this article takes perhaps the least discussed about position on the nightly news: how with the ACA affect health IT?

To answer this question, author Meg Grimes looks at the titles inside of the ACA and how they will fundamentally change the way IT in health works.

Making An Impact

Grimes in particular focuses on elements of Title III: Improving the quality and efficiency of health care. One of the sections in this title concerns a “hospital value-based purchasing program”:

Healthcare IT needs to support a model that measures the value of the work being done. Too many health systems treat IT as a sunk cost, instead of seeing it as part of the organization's strategic vision and realizing the high value it can yield. For example, some recent HIMSS Davies Award winners show how disciplined healthcare IT can improve an organization's clinical quality and ROI.

Accountability And Governance

Another section in the ACA discusses how organizations will be held accountable for avoidable complications. As Grimes explains, healthcare IT will continue to expand as reliance grows, and this means stronger governance and customer service.

As the article explains, the ACA is certainly the biggest change to American health care to date, and that sort of change carries into all elements that support it, including IT. But IT doesn’t need to be caught off guard by the significant shift: instead, it can use these changes to help optimize its own practices and provide even better care and products to the hospitals and doctors of the country.

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