What CIOs Need to Know About Business Alignment

What CIOs Must Know About Alignment

This slideshow, made by Dennis McCafferty and hosted on CIO Insight, shares what CIOs need to know about business alignment. In particular, how many CIOs are concerned with it, how they achieve it, and the problems they encounter. Using data compiled from research and presentations from organizations like Deloitte, the Society for Information Management, the RIO Institute, Cisco and Serena Software, the presentation is immensely valuable to any CIO who wants to see where they (and their contemporaries) stand on the alignment issue.

Half Of IT Execs Say Alignment Is Top Priority

The findings shared within the slideshow are quite revealing, starting right from the beginning: nearly one-half of senior IT executive say better alignment with business needs is a top priority, which is more than double compared to a decade ago. It’s clear that IT is recognizing the immense shift that businesses are taking into the digital world, and the importance of IT in the role of supporter in that shift. As the presentation states, about 63% of IT pros feel like they’re in a good position to help respond to the needs of the business, though they don’t feel they are understood as well in the business:

More than one-quarter of IT pros equate the visibility of their IT department into their organization’s business initiatives to “a foggy day in London,” despite their confidence in IT’s ability to respond to business needs.

The Business is Hazy On What IT Can Do

What this tells us, simply, is that IT is ready and willing to help the business, but the business might not be very clear on what IT is capable of doing (or what they currently do at all).

The rest of the presentation shares how involved IT feels when it comes to new applications, stakeholder management, and identifying gaps in business needs. To view the entire presentation, click here:

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