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Top Tips for Making On-the-Move Project Management Work for You

The Right Framework Makes A Difference

Without the right kind of framework, a team spread out over the world simply won’t result in a good project, no matter how talented the individuals are. Michelle Symonds explains how having a framework which supports the use of the right tools, tactics and processes helps all employees, no matter where they are, do the right work.

Symonds wastes no times in getting into the points that one must consider to build this framework, which includes:

  • Getting organized
  • Planning each day
  • Using technology intelligently
  • Sharing files online
  • Online security
  • Using secure Wi-Fi


Keep Your Team Communicating

These few tips, each accompanied with an explanation, are a great way to not only keep your team together and communicating, but also how to make sure your work is safe as it travels across the globe.

Remote project management is achievable (and oftentimes beneficial), but it’s not something that can be on automated supervision. Staying in touch with the project team, making sure they are using best practices, and keeping yourself available for anyone to reach is key.

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