Supply Chain Finance Platforms – Manual, Build, Buy?

There are many caveats to finding the best supply chain finance solution for you, and David Gustin writes an article trying to differentiate between the available options. The four most general choices include using an existing product that may have been designed for other purposes, contracting a third-party to build one, building one in-house, or just going manual with something like email. Tying into the first point, firms like Demica, HPD, and PremiumIT all offer software that can be used for your finance solution but were not necessarily originally intended for such things. Meanwhile, the manual solution should not be written off as unviable, as Gustin says one UK corporation has “traded some £733 million at an average of 20 days early” in the short-term while seeking a long-term third-party solution. Gustin intends to look at the various platforms available in further detail, so stay tuned for more. Read the original post here: http://spendmatters.com/tfmatters/supply-chain-finance-platforms-manual-build-buy/

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