Measuring the Risks of Climate Change to Supply Chains

The climate consultancy Four Twenty Seven has partnered with Climate Earth Inc. to develop an application that will allow businesses to map and quantify risks from climate change, according to an article by Joyce Coffee. This is not a moment too soon in a world where the weather is becoming increasingly unstable. The application, called Climate Change Risk Management (CCRM), stands to be a game changer, as Coffee explains:

This new CCRM application is the first in the industry to provide comprehensive mapping and modeling of climate change risk for every commodity across the entire supply chain. Typically implemented in 90 days or fewer, the CCRM application models all the goods and services that are hidden deep in a company's supply chain and provides a quantitative assessment of the carbon, energy and water footprint associated with making its products and running its business. It also maps the country of origin from these goods and services, and provides users with an assessment of the exposure to the physical impacts of climate change.

The application is founded upon climate indicators and country risk ratings conceived by the University of Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN). They measure 50 variables using 17 years of data in order to annually rank countries “based on how vulnerable they are to droughts, superstorms and other natural disasters and, uniquely, how ready they are to successfully implement adaptation solutions.” Supply chains stand to gain a great deal from the completion of the CCRM application. You can read the original article here: http://phys.org/news/2014-02-quantifying-global-chain-due-climate.html

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