In Defense of Multitasking

Does multitasking get a bad rap in this day and age? David Silverman offers up four reasons to defend it in a blog at the Harvard Business Review.

The Considerate Executive

Staying plugged in helps us give and receive critical information faster. By that same virtue, it keeps others from being held up. When you decide to block out everything else in favor of getting your one task done, you might be crippling someone else who is in desperate need of your absent expertise.

The Superior Executive

You also need to keep in mind that focusing on one task is not all it is cracked up to be; sometimes the best solution arrives after you have spent some time removed from the problem. And finally, Silverman notes that multitasking becomes more crucial the higher you go in the organization, because (as per his example) the president does not get to tune out all his other responsibilities just because he would rather focus on one thing for the day. For a more in-depth discussion, consult the original article:

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