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Develop a Team that Soars

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s your project team, soaring through the sky and making everybody else look bad by comparison. Mandy McGill of Northwest University writes about three core needs for a successful project team, being leadership development, team development, and individual development.

Piloting the Ship

As the leader, you owe it to your team to be honest with them, even when the outlook is grim, but it is also your duty to be optimistic for everyone else. If you see that someone on the team is really knocking it out of the park, give that person more work—not just to be a taskmaster, but to challenge that person and increase their abilities even further. Just make sure to recognize people for their efforts afterward.

Flight Crew

When it comes to team development, McGill cites a five-stage process by which teams grow. These stages are forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. Essentially, in this process, a team starts with unfamiliarity with each other and vague ideas of what to do, and it ends with group cohesion and concrete plans for what work needs to be done. McGill says that as the leader, you should be trying to escort them through the early stages quickly so that you can start “performing” and executing ideas.

Becoming the Ace

To develop individual people, you should be looking to their strengths and trying to decide how to foster them further. McGill elaborates:

Assign people to sub teams based not only on their knowledge, but desire to grow. Remember, experience is not always best. For those who don’t have a lot of PM hours under their belt, encourage their creativity and innovation. Impress on them that they are as important to the team as the more experienced members, and encourage them in their growth and potential. Again, honesty is best.

Building a perfect team requires a dedication to detail and a willingness to get creative about exploiting everyone’s talents. When you have those things, your team will surely be punching through many a cloud bank with its successes. Read the original article here:

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