11 Ways to Improve Your IT Team’s Productivity

Crank Up Your Team's Productivity

Want to improve your team’s productivity but don’t know quite where to start? This article by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff is a good place to start, listing 11 ways you can crank up the productivity of your IT team. To start with, set goals that are able to be broken up into smaller goals for each quarter, giving the sense of accomplishment more often. Also make sure to communicate goals, expectations, and roles right from the start. This helps your team understand where they are going, what you want from them, and who’s doing what in the group. It’s not a bad idea to provide the old and infrastructure to promote team-members working together on those goals, too.

Streamline Work, Open Communication, Turn Off Distractions

Another great idea is to streamline workflow and reduce unnecessary tasks:

“Teams want to deliver big things and sometimes we just need to eliminate the barriers,” says Charles Galda, CIO, IT Technology Centers and Services, GE Capital. “We have a program called TAP (Technology Accelerating Productivity) that gives simple tips on how to use technology better, from finding the best time for a global meeting across time zones, to getting travel logistics to Outlook seamlessly,” he says.

“We have another initiative to continually review manager approvals, notifications, etc., so we know when they no longer add value and can be eliminated. Eliminating unnecessary steps keeps employee momentum moving forward, making us faster and more agile in responding to customers,”

Other tips include:

  • Holding regular team meetings (but not more than what is needed)
  • Reduce reporting and micromanagement
  • Provide real-time feedback
  • Turn off distractions
  • Implement a smart pay-for-performance program
  • Offer development opportunities
  • Offer food (no, really).

All told, some of these suggestions are huge changes to the way your company may work now—but if you’re serious about bumping up productivity, maybe it’s just about time that you bring about big changes.

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