Top 5 Management Trends of the 21st Century

Harvard Sees the Future

What are the trendy need-to-knows in project management for the new century? Just ask the Harvard Business School. After talking to several of their most important management thinkers and faculty, Harvard decided there were five trends to watch out for moving forward, and the IBTimes has their answers.

The Trends

  • Globalisation: With countries like India and China ending Western dominance, and the increasing emphasis on breaking down barriers and interconnectedness, globalisation is definitely something rising professionals need to know.
  • Technology: This one is a given, as the latest technology not only drives globalisation, but also helps provide the innovation needed for forward-thinking companies.
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: Business won’t be sustainable unless our planet is sustainable. With this in mind, many businesses are looking for ways to give back, whether through cleaning a river or saving the animals.
  • The Study of Psychology: If you can understand how your customers think, you’re one step closer to delivering the product they want. The same insight is also useful with employee management. With so much research available, a shift is taking place between cold hard facts and metrics and the advantage of understanding human emotion.
  • Business Ecosystems: A business ecosystem is a group of firms that work together to provide relating products and services. Sometimes the best way to avoid the competition is to form a strong team.

If you want to stay competitive, start thinking today about how you can incorporate these trends into your management style. Read more at IBTimes.com:  http://www.ibtimes.com/5-most-prominent-management-trends-21st-century-271373

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