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The Difference between Demands and Dynamics in Project Management

Time, cost, and scope are what project management is all about, right? Maybe those aren’t really the things project managers should be focusing on after all. Ammar W. Mango says that project management is not about managing the competing demands, but about the project dynamics.


Project dynamics vary from project to project, but what they all have in common is they are found by human perception and not numbers, schedules, or statistics. Examples include sought value, driving force, circumstances, and emotions.

The Driving Force

Sought value is not what you are doing, but why you are doing it. What are you trying to accomplish? The driving force is anything that fuels the completion of the project, whether that is people, money, legal requirements, or other resources. Circumstances are anything that help or hinder the project, which could include anything from exact timing to company culture.

The Human Touch

Finally, you would think emotions are self-explanatory, but they are a big part of the project manager’s job. Project management revolves around people, and whether people are happy at the end of your project is a far bigger sign of success than whether you met the basic time, cost, and scope.

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