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Shhhhh! Project Management Requires Listening

If You Don’t Listen

Communication is a two-way street. Which means you can’t just talk, you also have to listen. Unfortunately, this is something project managers often forget in their hurry to share new information. Vivek Prakash explains why this is so dangerous. When most people are in a conversation, they are constantly thinking about what they will say next, instead of just listening to the information presented. Understanding your employees and clients should be the project manager’s top priority, and a loss of listening could mean a loss of respect, and eventually, a loss of business.

If You Listen

It creates a positive environment overall, and others will be more likely to listen when you speak as well. Team members won’t feel controlled, and customers will feel that you value their opinions and are motivated to help them. Everyone feels more respected. Everyone wins.

How to Adopt a Listening Attitude

First, really focus on what the speaker is saying instead of how they are saying it. Stop multitasking, if you aren’t giving your full attention, start right now. In fact, limit all interruptions if possible, and don’t rush the speaker. Finally, realize that feelings, respect, and experience are just as important as results. Often, these are the things that drive the results. Without a mutual feeling of respect fueled by listening, you will get very little accomplished. Read the original blog post here:

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