Saving Supply Chain Mid-Management Talent

The number of vacant positions in supply chain is trending up at an alarming rate, with 49 percent of the shortage belonging to middle-management positions. Susan Fourtané writes about how to salvage the situation. She says supply chain leaders need to rethink their talent, and she offers three solutions:

  1. Make current employees feel valued
  2. Build a human resources plan to focus on the elements that matter in recruiting
  3. Build robust cross-training programs

You need to give employees a reason to stick around. Make them feel that their work matters, and paint an attractive picture of the business to prospective recruits to excite them to want to work in supply chain. Cross-training programs can provide employees with numerous useful skills while keeping them engaged in their jobs. Filling the talent gap in supply chain will require conscious efforts from the people up top. This is not an issue where you can afford to drag your feet for very long.

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