Office Deadly Eating Habits

There are three bad diet habits that can leave you staring into the mirror and wondering what happened to yourself, and Ming Armstrong wants to help you avoid them.

Glorious H2O

The first is not drinking enough water. Dehydration thickens your blood and increases the likelihood of cerebral vascular and cardiovascular diseases. Carrying a water bottle would be a very good idea.

The Price of Convenience

Fast food, microwaveable/instant food, etc. are all great for providing a full meal in a limited timeframe, but they are also frequently unhealthy by their very nature. At best, you are often eating empty calories, and at worst, you are downing lots of excessive preservatives. And lastly, many people choose to eat a big dinner in the evening to compensate for small other meals, but if you were go to bed just three hours after eating it, your body would convert a great deal of that food into fat. Try to maintain a balanced diet throughout the day for the best mileage. Read the original blog here:

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