FedEx’s Four-Step Supply Chain Health Check

Peter MacLeod writes an article about the steps that FedEx takes to ensure the machine will continue running for years to come. Here is how the four steps break down.

How to Run a Checkup

  1. Find supply chain specificity
  2. Have a joined-up procurement process
  3. Have an ample dose of data
  4. Make logistics providers work for you

What may be normal and fortuitous for one supply chain might be fatal to yours, so it is important to understand where your chain stands relative to others. Joined-up procurement means being held accountable to have the right stock in the right places, because disruptions have a substantial impact on financial performance. Make smart use of the real-time data that is available to you, as, “In fact, according to IBM’s Chief Procurement Officer Study, 83% of high-performing CPOs excel at leveraging analytics compared to just 63% of the low performers.” Finally make sure you are using the best possible logistics provider, one who knows how to add value and also how to make the relationship between you and suppliers clearest. Read the original article here: http://www.shdlogistics.com/news/view/fedexs-four-step-supply-chain-health-check

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