Deep Freeze: Propane Industry Tries to Thaw Supply Chain

Time and again, the weather acts as the greatest and most unpredictable challenge in the way of successful supply chains. Ernie Smith writes about how the recent frigid weather has stalled the movement and sales of propane.

The irregular temperatures this year caused late grain harvests for famers, and harvests demand huge amounts of propane, so suppliers had to provide product much later than normal and just before the start of the winter heating season. In spite of this, propane is actually still bountiful, but it is not in the places where it is most needed and is being transported too slowly. To rectify the situation, the National Propane Gas Association is talking with federal agencies, as well as officials in pipeline, rail, and truck transport industries to prioritize propane shipments. Of course, the instant this actually happens is probably when Mother Nature will unleash a new arctic blast to halt every pipe, rail, and truck in the land. Until then, here is the original article: http://associationsnow.com/2014/01/deep-freeze-propane-industry-tries-to-thaw-supply-chain/

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