CIOs Need to Enable Business

A Need for Speed

You don’t have a long time. Sales and marketing is not going to wait twelve months for their application to be delivered. However, just because you have to act fast doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Sanjay Krishnamurthi suggests concentrating more on leveraging existing assets, because enterprise technology decision makers don’t realize how long that gap between implementing a new asset and adding value to the business seems to those outside IT. You don’t want the sales department to bypass IT because they are being too slow.

How the Cloud Fits in

A need for speed will drive even more users to the cloud in the next year. Krishnamurthi recognizes that there are concerns about security with the cloud, but he believes security risks are almost as bad for those that don’t join. In most cases, it’s a malicious insider that leaks valuable information, and this can happen without or without the cloud’s help. For more on the future of CIO leadership, read the full article at

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