Ask 3 Questions for IT-Business Alignment

The Questions

Yes, alignment is more important than ever before, but you’ll never achieve it if you aren’t asking the right questions. Jodie Naze interviewed three IT savvy CEO’s and got the answers to three very important questions.

  • What does IT-business alignment look like in your organization?
  • How can IT infiltrate the business, and become less siloed?
  • What’s the one question about IT-business alignment IT leaders don’t ask, but should?

The Answers

Larry Bonafante, CIO of United States Tennis Association, believes IT and the business should be integrated, not aligned. IT is already a part of the business and the two should act as inseparable partners who have each other’s backs at all time.

If you want IT to become less siloed, Steve Snyder, CIO of Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, suggests building teams of stakeholders and team members who are not typically part of IT, but show a special interest or aptitude for it. Expose these team members to cool new processes that they might not otherwise get to see. Allow them to form a wish list of how they’d like to use the new technology.

Finally, what’s that one question that IT leaders should be asking? Dave Corchado, CIO of iCrossing, Inc., suggests you examine individual applications and ask how they affect the bottom line of the business. Don’t approach business leaders until you can really convince them that your application is a surefire commodity.

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