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A Practical Approach: Why the PMO is Not a Luxury

Many companies, especially the smaller ones, view the PMO as a luxury, one to be avoided because of the pricey resources and tools it needs to function. However, Frank J. DeLuca says this isn’t the case. The PMO is a necessity, and it might not be as expensive as you think it is. In fact, what you really need isn’t money but people.

What You Need First

 DeLuca says there are two key levels to success with a PMO. First, you need to have executives on your side. These executives need to realize that they have a responsibility to the company to get the most out of available resources. To do this requires a level of discipline around the project work, which is key number two. Everyone needs to look beyond their narrow tasks in the process and see the bigger picture of the organization.

How to Officially Get Started

DeLuca advocates a four-step prioritization process: inventory, prioritize, assess, and source and schedule. Appoint a PMO process champion to oversee the process. This person is different from your team of executives, and is usually an IT leader. This champion isn’t there to make the decisions, rather to facilitate the decision-making between IT and the rest of the business.  For more on the four-step prioritization process and project management, read the full article at

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