Top 5 Difficult Coworkers and What to Do About Them

There are better ways to deal with bothersome coworkers than to buy ear muffs and boxing gloves. An article at HubPages teaches us how to deal with the worst five types of coworkers. There is the Jerk, the Inconsiderate Coworker, the Gossip, the Whiner, and the Time Waster. Jerks want to make you feel bad just because they can, but you should try to be empathetic and keep in mind that something in their life or upbringing must have been pretty bad for them to behave that way. The Time Waster meanwhile will do anything that looks like work that is not work, and all you can do about them is actively ignore them, lest you be infected and become one of them yourself. Consult the article for much more information on how to handle these tricky situations.

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