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Project Management Lessons from HealthCare.Gov

By now, even the President has admitted that is not going according to plan. However, just because we’re facing healthcare problems in abundance, doesn’t mean that there aren’t lessons to learn from the failed website. Eric Thomas believes the moral of this story is especially relevant to project managers for four reasons.

First, communicate the bad news early on. Damaged credibility in the short term is better than a complete train wreck later on. Second, acknowledge your risks and manage them. The moment that details start getting lost in the network of contractor support is the moment you’ve got a problem. Third, beta can be your best friend. While not exactly doable with, a beta test can help you iron out those wrinkles you didn’t know existed.

Finally, know who’s in charge. There needs to be a single point of contact where issues can be resolved, otherwise you will be dealing with conflicting orders and unanswered questions. Don’t let a fiasco happen to you. Establish better project management practices now.

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