Look Before You Leap: Using Benchmarking to Your Full Advantage

So, you’re thinking of trying IT benchmarking?  Before you take your statistics and run with them, Tony Leng suggests you figure out why you’re benchmarking and what exactly you want to learn from it.

Benchmarking can look very different depending on who’s doing it. Since no two companies are alike, IT shops that are in exactly the same industry can be in vastly different positions when it comes to business initiatives, for example. Benchmarking can be arranged to say almost anything you want it to say. That doesn’t mean it’s not valuable, just that you need to know how to use it.

Leng suggests you first figure out why your business partners want to try benchmarking, and what it is they want to find out. Then look at your historic performance. Be totally transparent in all that you see; and above all, be more strategic. Lead the change that needs to be seen in your organization. Only then can benchmarking be used to its full advantage.

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