Is Your Boss Oblivious to How Your Supply Chain Works?

Statistically speaking, you probably think the answer is a simple “yes.” An article at Australasian Transport News analyzes the findings of a survey conducted in the US by Consultancy Capgemini, and it notes that only 34 percent of supply chain managers “believe executives and business decision makers in their company have a great deal of understanding of the performance of the company’s supply chain.” Complexity in the supply chain is ever increasing as customers demand real-time updates on goods, and it seems most managers do not have faith that their superiors fully grasp the extent of the changes. More executive buy-in may be necessary, as currently only 27 percent of managers “strongly agree” that their supply chains can respond to demand fluctuations. Some of the same old challenges remain too though, namely that of finding the right qualified people to fill vacant positions. But if you think your boss is out of the loop, maybe it is time to make the effort to pull him gently back into it.

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