How CIOs Can Be Leaders in a Time of Change

It’s not about the strength of the army, but the power of knowledge and ideas. That’s the point that David Bartlett makes in his article about ensuring the CIO is involved in the business. Too many CEOs are concentrated only on having the strongest army, aka the strongest business strategy. However, 47% of CEOs who reported having the CIO involved in the business strategy felt their company was outperforming their industry peers. Only 28% of CEOs who did not involve the CIO in the business felt that they were.

Best Buddies

CIOs have new knowledge that the CEO might not be taking into consideration. The best thing the CEOs can do is make the CIOs their best friends, becoming a mentor who bridges the gap between IT and the business. In turn, the CIO should also become a mentor, looking for opportunities to learn from the young office newbie who’s up on the latest tech trends. Knowledge doesn’t come from being in a power position, it comes from a dedication to grow and learn from others that surround you.

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