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CSI Puts the Taste Back in Service Management

Continual Service Improvement (CSI) is the meat of your organization, and without it all you have is the faint scent of steak and nothing to chew on. At least, that’s how Francois Biccard sees it. The more your organization grows, the more you need CSI.

A lot of organizations claim they already do CSI. However, they don’t use a framework or document exactly what they are doing, which mean the process isn’t much good to the organization at all. Other organizations believe they don’t have the time or money to perform CSI, which isn’t true either.

There’s no better time to start CSI then the present. If you don’t think you can afford CSI right now, try making a list of ideas ordered by least effort and maximum value. Even if you start with just the smallest task on the list, at least you’ll be starting somewhere. Create a culture of continual change and improvement, and don’t skimp on the meat of the process. Try CSI in your organization.

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