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Breathing New Life into Risk Management: Why Healthcare IT Could Use an Examination

With the Healthcare.gov fiasco on everyone’s mind, it might come as no surprise that risk management is an area where healthcare IT is really lacking. In fact, research from Tripwire, Inc., reports that only 52% of healthcare and pharmaceutical IT pros use formal risk assessments. Darkreading.com has all the details.

Not only is the number of risk assessments in healthcare only about half, but just 58% have fully or partially deployed change control. If you’re looking for a statistic where well over half of participants answered yes, look at the question about ineffective communication. Seventy percent of healthcare IT pros said communicating security risk was ineffectual within their company because the communication was contained to one department.

We trust our healthcare professionals with our lives, but they’re making it hard for us to trust their IT departments. It looks like Healthcare.gov isn’t the only healthcare provider who’s IT could use a serious round of CPR.


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