Why IT Collaboration Trumps Business Success

Everyone pushes to be a top performing company, but maybe collaboration is what executives should really be striving for. A recent survey covered by Chris Curran shows the higher the CIO rates strength of relationship with C-suite executives, the higher the chance the company is living up to its full potential. Can you guess why? Curran says it like this:

“It’s not the relationships themselves that make the difference, but the regular and meaningful discussions that guild them. The senior executives of Top Performing companies routinely engage in ‘digital conversations’ about how to harness the power of IT to drive business goals.”

The companies that had high collaboration between CEOs and CIOs were more likely to adapt new technologies like social media, cloud computing, and big data. They were more likely to link IT to their overall business strategy, and they were better at understanding how IT challenge impact the business. All these things are necessities of a growing organization, but they will quickly become neglected if the CIO and CEO don’t start with collaboration.

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